Lazy loading is a technique that permits you to load the javascript components only when their respective routes are active or being hit. It increases the performance and speed of the application by splitting the app into various bundles. As per the user navigation, bundles are being loaded as required.

Steps to implement Lazy Loading:

•Create a lazy module and separate routing file

•Create a lazy component

•Adding Link to Header

•Lazy Loading with loadChildren

•Setting up the route

•Verify Lazy loading with npm run build



Prototype is a creational design pattern that lets you copy existing objects without making your code dependent on their classes.

The Prototype pattern delegates the cloning process to the actual objects that are being cloned.

The pattern declares a common interface for all objects that support cloning. This interface lets you clone an object without coupling your code to the class of that object.

An object that supports cloning is called a prototype. When your objects have dozens of fields and hundreds of possible configurations, cloning them might serve as an alternative to subclassing.

The Prototype interface declares the cloning methods. In most cases, it’s a single clone method.

The Concrete Prototype class implements the cloning method. In addition to copying the original object’s data to the clone, this method may also handle some edge cases of the cloning process related to cloning linked objects, untangling recursive dependencies.



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